When we moved north of the Twin Cities 7 years ago, we purchased a home that was being built by Graphic Homes, Inc. We were so impressed with the people who did the work and the quality of the home, three years later when we decided to build our new home on the lake we knew that we only wanted Graphic Homes to design and build that home for us. All we can say is we are very pleased and so happy we did!

We have recommended our friends and others to contact Graphic Homes. Some have chosen to contact and some did not. Those people who chose not to contact Graphic Homes, are still waiting, 2-3 years later to have their builder come back to fix many things that went wrong. What a nightmare for them. If we ever have any issues, we still can depend on Graphic Homes to solve that problem and they are very prompt in doing so.

We would recommend Graphic Homes, Inc. as anyones builder and we will not hesitate to use you again in the future. Thank you Steve, Nate, Michelle, and the rest of your crew.

Ron and Judy Kylochko , clients